2017 Legislation Session Summary

The 2017 session came to close with a number of bills having been introduced that affect the minority communities in the state that the commission represents. Many of the issues are timely given the racial climate that exists in our state and country and attempts to create a level playing field for those who have been marginalized for decades. While others aimed at widening that gap and would create unintended consequences for some of the most vulnerable populations in the state.  Some issues however were not addressed this legislative session leaving a space for more work to be done in the upcoming years and there were others where a conversation was started that is yet to be completed. This report gives an overview of the involvement of the CEO in the 2017 legislative session and it is broken into different policy fields that include Education, Criminal Justice, Transportation, and Public Health. It also contains a brief list of technical issues and bills monitored by CEO.

CEO Legislative End Of Session Report 2017