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The Commission on Equity and Opportunity’s board members consists of 30 men and women who are appointed by Majority and Minority Legislative Leaders. The Commissioners have expertise in the field of arts and culture, children and youth development, education, environment, housing and public safety.

All members have expertise in the areas of African American, Asian Pacific American and Latino and Puerto Rican affairs.

Contact CEO Commissioners via Email:

Ramón L. Arroyo, Arlene Avery, Donna Campbell, Dr. Dennis Canterbury, Richard A. CruzBrenda DelGado , Dr. Tekisha D. Everette,   Byron P. Francis, Charles Frazier, Josephine Fulcher-AndersonJay González, George Hernández,  Theodore C. Hsu, Robert W. Ike, George Mathanool, Angela RolaDr. Ruby Corby O’Neill, Emanuela Palmares, Dr. Agnes QuiñonesRúben Rodríguez, Pablo Soto, Alan Tan,  Alexander Tettey, Jr. Elena Trueworthy,  An-Ming Truxes, Regina VermontArvia Walker,  Dr. Clifton WatsonAlphonse Wright.